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1) Application equipment
Type – 2”x31, 2”x37
Type – 2”x55 (Ø 490); 2”x69 (Ø 530); 2”x75 (Ø530)
Other Types: 2”x3, 2”x6, 2”x19

2) References
· Korea - Seoulviosys
· Taiwan - Epistar, Lextar, Ubilux, GPI
· China - Silan, Elec-Tech, HC-Semitec, Sinoma, Aqualite

3) Test Condition
· Temperature: ~1400ºC

4) Results 
· Life time: more than 6 months
· It is possible for overhaul
(Break up -> Cleaning -> Parts change -> Assembling)

5) A good point
Functional improvements & Performance enhancement!



New Design for 2" x 19 and 2" x 31 A-zone

Switching center coil position to make better performance of center pocket wafer.




New Design for 2" x 31 A- and B-zone

Chance 1 mm to 2 mm for PBN thickness of A-, B-, C-zone to reduce risk of failure phenomenon.




New Design for C-zone (2" x 37)




ø 490 Heater problem solutions


1 · widen the space between A-zone, B-zone and C-zone for easy installation and reduce damage while operation

2 · take proper measures to prevent damage while operation 
- top board thickness change: 0.5 mm to 2 mm
- divide 3 parts for top board of B-zone


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