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Technical Quartz Parts

 WeDo Trade GmbH could successfully conclude a cooperation agreement with very experienced South-Korean company, which is manufacturing technical quartz components.

• We are now in the position to produce and to deliver quartz components of high quality and attractive, competitive prices to you on demand.

• Independent of the products used in the MOCVD field, in which our supplier has already made good experiences in the Asian market. Our supplier has the personnel and technical capacity to develop solutions for a wide range of requirements for high-tech applications in different industrial branches. They have extensive experience in the production of special tools and components.

• Herewith we can offer you our services. Your requested quartz components will be produced and delivered according to your technical specifications. Send us a drawing or a sample. We will gladly make you an offer as soon as possible.

• Regarding special customized components we will of course consider confidentiality and ensure exclusiveness.





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